The cost of growing a small business can have many unforeseen complications. More business can mean more people, more computers and the problems multiply. Yet it does not have to be so painful, Synology have a range of NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems for all budgets.

These devices are getting so clever they manage your backups, your file shares, your email and all under one simple interface. You can now be in control of your offsite backups using Amazon Glacier to store large volumes of data.

At M7k we cannot stop recommending these systems, the product range covers small to enterprise size companies and in most cases just fits into a business painlessly. Read the  case study below for one of our clients Excel Water.

Excel Water - Specialist Water Treatment Experts

The Organization

Established in 1992, Excel Water is an independent Water Treatment specialist that designs, installs and maintains water treatment facilities to a broad range of industries.

Today, at Excel Water’s their back office function is growing. The need to share data more efficiently and have a resilient backup process is imperative.

The Challenge

Like every business, Excel Water was facing one of the biggest challenges in today’s information world: how to store all their digital assets in a simple and organised fashion that lets them share with people easily.

Every other day, Excel Water employees would jump from machine to machine depending upon the job they needed to do. “Over the time we had built up a collection of disparate PCs to handle job functions,” Emma reports. “We are switching machines and desks throughout the day. Our existing shared folders were too slow and we did not have a single store to go to for all files.”

Clearly, something that could solve all these nagging problems was desperately needed for Emma and all of Excel Water.

“We needed a simple, reliable network and backup solution: one device that could meet all our needs.”

The Solution

M7k introduced Emma to the Synology DiskStation range : “Synology’s products were well received online by professional reporters and customers alike. So we decided the DiskStation DS312+ was the best option for us.”

Populated with two 1TB Western Digital hard drives using RAID 5 data redundancy, the DS312+ – an intuitive yet powerful storage device – gives Emma and the team a secure, unified network and backup solution that allows everyone to exchange important work information and large files effortlessly and with the confidence of data redundancy.

Emma felt that DiskStation provided just the storage they needed, along with an intuitive interface that everyone would be comfortable using. Excel Water now use the web-based File Station to exchange every file seamlessly between team members, while having the protection of RAID 5 redundancy. “Before the DiskStation if one of the computers had crashed we would have lost all of the data on that machine, now if one of the disks fail in the Synology we can replace it and it recovers from the failure. We feel like our business information is much better protected now.”

Emma also appreciates the ability to upgrade the storage capacity of the DiskStation as Excel Water and its requirements grow, making the value of the investment even greater. Bottom line, Emma is extremely satisfied with the services provided by the DiskStation. “The range of features available to us in such a small footprint, low power device is extremely impressive – and the customer support is first-class.”

DiskStation is now an integral part of Excel Water’s day to day operation, as everyone relies on DiskStation to manage the storing, sharing and publishing of important digital assets, so Emma and everyone at Excel Water can continue to deliver top-quality products and services to their customers.

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